Elilta Coffee

Elilta Coffee Export is amongst the leading Ethiopian Exporting firm in the field of Agricultural products in Ethiopia. Our pursuit is to create a platform for our local producer to display their products and show what Ethiopia has to offer to the world. Our duty is to provide the quality service and networks to these producers and conduct our business with professionalism, honesty and efficiency. This mind-set has earned us our success and strong position in the competitive international arena. We believe this is just the beginning of our journey as we look forward to providing you with far more products and services in the near future. Our key asset is our long term commitment and personal bond with our reputed global clients.

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Elilta Coffee

Elilta Coffee

Elilta Coffee is an Ethiopian export company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our company was established in 2015, with projects that are widely active in different parts of the world. We are a major trading company that is leading the export industry in Ethiopian organic coffee, Sesame Seed export, Niger Seed Export, Soybean Export, Green mung beans export, Speckle bean export, Kidney beans, Horse beans and other agricultural products. Sourcing quality product is Elilta Coffee Export’s priority, unlike many export companies, we focus on sourcing and locating only the best products from across Ethiopia. This has been possible due to our highly experienced team always aiming to bring you products that go beyond your expectation. To ensure this is met, our commitment to adequate compensation and fair treatment is met by our price and our commitments. Our products meet international standards and are certified ready to be delivered to you.


Our belief is that purchasing products at a fair price, negotiated directly with the producer, makes good business sense.
• Our strong network with our producing guaranteeing the constant quality of our products.
• Our ability to build long- lasting relationships with our customers, large and small by being transparent and providing the information they need to make purchasing decisions

Mission and vision statement


Our vision is to establish an outstanding company that generates sustainable profit through constant transactions of high-quality products and contribute to the economic growth of our country.


  • To constantly grow and develop our company by increasing our product coverage as per market needs.
  • To strengthen our relationship with our clients through better provision of customer service and better offer of premium export products and services. 
  • To widen our company’s expertise by recruiting the best of the industry and train our staff to meet the growing and diverse needs of our customers.
  • To expand our business in importing and supplying a quality product with convenient prices to maintain our customer’s satisfaction and sustain our profitability.



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